Davidorlah Farms

Pineapple Trading

Invest in our Pineapple trading across the globe and be a beneficiary of our reasonable ROI.

Pineapple Trading 5%


Our pineapple variety is the second to the best in the world after MD2, and is the most consumed and exportable. We get our pineapple from Ogun, Edo, and Cotonou.

We have a daily demand of more than 20 tonnes of pineapple and we have a contract duly signed by our off-takers.

We see this as an opportunity for you to invest as the demand for our pineapple variety increases.

This would create another means of income for you, and it will enable our partner farmers to increase their capacity, thereby increasing food sufficiency and reducing the level of poverty in the society.

Pineapple Trading 5%

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