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Sucker usually propagates pineapple as a farm product, slip and crown. These planting materials of 5-6 months age bear flowers after 12 months of planting except crowns which bear flowers after 19-20 months.

It produces this agricultural product through tissue culture is also available for cultivation.

Pineapple fruits are one of the important commercial fruit crops which are not only wonderful and delicious in taste but are also easy to grow with little care and management of them.

So, grow pineapples as a business plan and earn millions from it.

Pineapple farming can be a really profitable business if cultivated with proper care and good farm management skills.

The foodies consume it in large quantities because they are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and also full of Vitamin C.

Also, pineapples are also an excellent source of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron along with a digestive enzyme called; Bromelain.

Pineapple fruits are being eaten fresh and canned and also processed in various forms to meet its market demands.


Historically, Hawaii was the biggest producer of pineapples. But presently, pineapples are most cultivated by Brazil in the Philippines, and Costa Rica.

It is because of this; I know pineapples fruits as the native fruit of the Paraguay and Brazil, and somewhat Caribbean parts.


It depends on the cultivar and climate condition of the atmosphere.

However, it takes about two years for a pineapple to become ready for harvest. The fruiting season of this yummy fruit starts from March and runs until June.

In addition, the leaves of pineapples serve as ceiling insulation and also as wallpaper.

Pineapples are most popular for their use in alcoholic beverages, as the flavor of which the most popular is the pina colada; the tropical drink!

The business opportunity in pineapple is endless that is why we educate people on why and how to invest in agriculture in Nigeria.


The people enjoy usually pineapples fruits and its juices for the plentiful health benefits.

health benefit of pineapple fruit

So, let’s learn the benefits;

  • Eating pineapples regularly will help you in getting rid of digestive problems.
  • Pineapples are also helpful in healing wound faster.
  • Consuming pineapples is also beneficial in improving the bone health.
  • Pineapple also heals cough and cold problems.
  • It also prevents cancerous cells from growing.
  • Consuming pineapples is beneficial in improving the oral health.
  • Pineapples are also good for improving eye health.
  • They also help in controlling high blood pressure.
  • Besides consuming as fresh fruits, pineapples are also used for cooking. Also, are canned, processed and preserved to meet its exclusive market demand.

You can read more about the health benefits of pineapple


Growing pineapples is not a hard working job, but it however requires more dedication and proper care to achieve excellent yield as production from it.

The pineapple yield is depended on some common factors of which the variety used for cultivation is also one of these important factors.

So select a high yielding and fast-growing pineapple variety for pineapple farming.

Below is the list of some common varieties of pineapples that are used for cultivation in the different region throughout the world.

  1. Smooth Cayenne        
  2. Giant Kew
  3. Abacaxi
  4. Queen (Common Rough)
  5. Red Spanish

Investment opportunities in Nigeria are definitely in this farm product called Pineapple.

All the above mentioned pineapple variety or cultivar have the different growth rate in different climate condition. So, whichever is suitable for your climate condition, will achieve a higher production.

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