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investors in agribusiness


Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in any country, Nigeria not being exempted. Agriculture plays a very important role in the development of any country which is why the role of investors in agribusiness cannot be over emphasized.

 This sector is a major means of livelihood to a large number of the population in Nigeria.

In addition, agriculture handles the growth and development of a developed or a developing country.

The aim of this article to further enlighten our readers and fellow Nigerians on how to invest in agriculture in Nigeria and the investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Agribusiness is fast growing and if not tapped into, you may miss out on the benefits of agribusiness.

Food supply and farm products security is the constant role of agriculture in any country. 

investors in agribusiness


Investors play a very major role in agribusiness in Nigeria.

There are many reasons a prospective investor should invest in agribusiness being that agribusiness is a low-risk investment that increases in value over the years Just as the value of land increases overtime.

Furthermore, investors are detached actors in other industries, which is however not the case for agribusiness. 

In many industries investors have nothing to do with the day to day functioning of the industry, but this is not the case with agribusiness.

In addition, investors provide necessary resources for sustainable planting and harvesting methods, as well as efficient processing and distribution. 

This process is leads to good agricultural practices, which increases crop production efficiency in harvesting and distribution process.

Investment in agriculture is a tangible asset that provides benefits to every indigene of a country.

Investing in agriculture guarantees revenue for the investor, Investors stand a chance of getting much more profits in agribusiness.

Investors can make millions in this line of business. Agriculture is a tremendous benefit to both investors, farmers and Nigeria as a whole.


There are several benefits Nigeria stands to gain in this field, that is why we at Davidorlah Farms campaign for the need of investors and more investors in agribusiness.

They include;

  • Agriculture is definitely the pillar of survival for any country, without this sector, a nation cannot exist.
  • Through this means, they provide job opportunities for our youths. Most people who are in the agricultural field depend on it for their major source of income. 
  • It provides not only food, agriculture generates wealth.
  • Agriculture is an investment opportunity in Nigeria which is more sustainable than the stock market. Investing in agriculture is technically a long time venture which can outlive you.
  • When you invest in agriculture in Nigeria, you are investing in a land which also appreciates over the years.


There are many agricultural products and farm products in Nigeria but why pineapple? It’s no news that pineapple is one of our major fruits in Nigeria. Everybody loves pineapple.

Pineapple is being imported weekly and Nigeria spends 50 million Naira every week to import them, hence the need for investing Pineapples in Nigeria.

We have the land in Nigeria required to plant as much pineapples as we want.

This is a call to our prospective investors to invest in pineapple farming. Pineapple farming is a money spinner and has a strong and fruitful venture.

For further enquiries on pineapple farming, visit us at info@davidorlahfarms.com 

Or call 08116464307

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