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agribusiness in Nigeria


Agribusiness is one of the investment opportunities in Nigeria because it deals with farm products and agricultural products, which is a very important sector in Nigeria. It is therefore vital that you have a good understanding of agribusiness in Nigeria

It is a broad terrain to dive into because of its various fields.

Agribusiness involves planting, production, harvesting, processing, and distribution.

In addition, agribusiness requires all the processes it takes to distribute farm products and agricultural products to the market.

Agribusiness is a simply any business that involves agriculture comprising farming, trading and other related field.


Agriculture is one of the most important sector in Nigeria, and it is a very broad aspect.

More so, investors have a lot of alternatives in this field to choose from.

Agricultural products comprise fruits, vegetables, cereals, farm tools and equipment, farm animals, etc.

In agribusiness, there are both large and small business which are welcomed in Nigeria.

Additionally, there are some businesses that have a farm product they specialize in. A good example is us at Davidorlah farms who specialize in pineapple farming and trading.

Also, there are businesses that are in every aspect of agriculture. Aspects like cattle rearing, poultry, planting of fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc.

However, be the case, this is what agribusiness entails.

Agriculture is an excellent field to do business in.

If an investor is looking for where to invest his money in, I will suggest agribusiness.

Agribusiness is an opportunity to tap into. Years down the line, as far as people still need food, agribusiness will be very relevant.

More so, it yields in so much profit. This is the right place to invest your money in.

To understand agribusiness, you must know about food production, farm products processing and distribution.

You must know this irrespective of whether your business is a large or small business,

In addition, agribusiness describes companies that are related to processing, cultivating and distribution of food and other agricultural product.

These businesses that are in agriculture can either be wholesalers. Warehouses or even retailers.

Agribusiness starts with farming although, that is not the entirety of what agribusiness is all about.


Like I said earlier, agribusiness comprise a lot of fields and there are many fields to choose from.

For those looking into investing in agribusiness, here are some fields you can consider;

  1. There are agribusinesses that majorly focus on distributing and making farming equipment and tools. They squarely deal with farming equipment, machinery, supplies, and tools.
  2. Agribusiness also involves dealing with agrichemicals, fertilizers, manure, etc.
  3. The aspect that deals majorly in planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distribution of farm products. This is what we call farming and trading.
  4. Agribusiness also involves animal farming such as cattle rearing, poultry, fish farming or fishery, snail farming, rabbit raising, etc.
  5. Dairy farming is also an aspect of agribusiness that deals with milk-producing animals like cows or other dairy animals. A dairy farm is where you produce milk, cheese, and similar products.
  6. Beekeeping, honey production, and bee wax processing also fall under the same category. You can harvest honey from beehives and sell it to the market.

There are still a lot of business you can do in agriculture. To learn more, visit our websites on www.davidorlahfarms.com and get insight from our blog posts.

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