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Fruit and their health benefits

What Makes You Think You Can Live A Healthy Life Without Taking Fruits?

 I didn’t grow up in a family where it was mandatory for us to take fruits regularly well, of course, if a visitor brought fruits to our house and we will all eat it so it doesn’t get bad.

 While others grew up in families where it was mandatory that they take fruits regular. I’ve watched some foreign movie where fruits served as their breakfast, I mean main meal and I’m always like will this plate satisfy their hunger. 

I mean, in this part of the world, it looks like fruits are just side meals to the main meal but over the years; I realize it has nothing to do with which part of the world you come from, it just boils down to eating healthy and that also means taking fruits regularly.

Fruit and their health benefits

Asides that fruits are enjoyable when consumed, it also has a lot of health benefits which was made for all of humanity which I guess you’re not exempted.

It’s funny how some people eat in an entire year without consuming fruits, or maybe not so often.

How often do you take fruits?

Do you not take fruits at all?

Would you wish to cultivate a habit of fruit taking?

Do you love fruits but don’t find the perfect time to get them?

Or you actually take fruits and know someone who doesn’t and would like to be of help to the person?

Then this article is just for you with all the love and concern.

 We will discuss on the benefits of taking fruits regularly and how to cultivate it into a daily habit and no, I’m not a Fruit or food nutritionist neither am I a doctor but I know everyone controls what goes into their body and it’s good we be on the side of those that eat healthy.

Benefits attached to taking fruits regularly

I’m of the opinion that if you can’t go a day without drinking water, you shouldn’t go a day also without eating fruits. In order to live a healthy life, fruits are a necessity we must place a premium on. Below are some benefits attached to taking fruit;

  • Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fruits provide a wide range of health boosting antioxidants
  • Consuming fruits regularly can reduce a person’s risk in heart disease, cancer, inflammation and diabetes.
  • Fruits are low in calorie and low in fat
  • They are low in sodium and cholesterol
  • Fruits help you maintain good health
  • Fresh, frozen, canned, dried fruits are all nutritious

How to cultivate taking fruits into a habit

When something is a habit, it’s easy to do. That’s because habits are automatic behaviors, things we do without even thinking about it.

How do we create habits?

  1. Pick a simple behavior (e.g.) regularly buy fruits when you go to the grocery store.
  2. Pick a time and a place (e.g.) Start your day by eating fruits in your kitchen or after you brush in the morning.
  3. Repeat at that time and place daily. This will definitely take some efforts in the early stage, but as time goes by, you get used to it.

Enjoy a reward when you do it (e.g.) A nice breakfast or just a moment of pride.

Gradually, the behavior becomes more automatic and you do it effortlessly hence; you get the healthy fruit eating habit you’ve always desired. 

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