If You Have Been Looking For A Legit and Safe Way To Grow Your Money, This Deal Is The Stew To Your Sunday Rice

• 1 Plot of ready made Pineapple Farm Land ready for fruiting In Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State with documents that clearly state your ownership

• Claim ownership with just N2.0M

• Deposit N500,000 and spread the remaining balance for 3 months

• Ready made pineapple farm

• Ready buyers both in Nigeria and the Diaspora who are eager to harvest the pineapples

• You earn 36% Rent on your pineapple farm per annum

• Security facilities that help you monitor the farm from any part of the world

• Well insured farm

• Fertile land that can grow pineapples for as long as 50 years

• Legal backing from the Kabiyesi of Ago-Iwoye

If this isn’t the most legit, headache-free, and safe investment deal you’ve come across in a long time, we don’t know where else you’ll find one which is why you need to book a discovery call to find out if this investment is a good fit for you.

Also, Hear From A Few People Who Currently Have Investments With Us

With The Recent Happenings Surrounding Investment and Social Media Influencers, Wise Influencers Like MC Arole and Mercy Johnson Okojie Have Taken Their Time To Validate The True Nature of This Investment. Hear What MC Arole Has To Say:

Our Mandate Is Simple:

To add more value to your money whether you are planning towards retirement or you just need that extra but safe stream of income without having to rely on your salary alone. In essence, you OWN the farm, we MANAGE it, we SELL the produce, and you get PAID the returns.

36 Months ago (2021) when Mercy Johnson came to the farm. The cost of one acre (6 Plots) was As Low As 4.8 Million Naira, but as at today's market (2024) the same goes for 12 Million Naira

I Love This Idea But How Secure Is This Investment?... Hear From The Kabiyesi of Ago-Iwoye Who We Secured The Land From

How and When Do I Get Paid My Returns?

This is a very interesting question. Your returns will be paid into the bank account you register with us exactly 12 months from the day you make the initial payment. Some of our investors have attested to the fact that our alerts wake them up

Our Last Words...

Your salary alone, no matter how much can not give you the desired wealth you dream of if you store them in the bank. It’s either the worth reduces or the bank bills you for saving your money with them. It’s easy to know the fake investment platforms from the true ones by following their digital footprint. A scam platform would not put in this much effort in prepping you for wealth. They won’t even partner with insurance companies and social media influencers just like we have done to look for investors and that’s what makes us different.

See you at the top!

More pineapple farm is needed in Nigeria as people are looking for pineapple to buy.

Both Open market and companies are ready to purchase pineapple.

36 Months ago (2021) when Woli Arole came to the farm. The cost of one acre (6 Plots) was As Low As 4.8 Million Naira, but as at today's market (2024) the same goes for 12 Million Naira

Below Are Some Of Our Past and Current Partners:


Davidorlah farms is a real estate farming that specializes in Pineapple farming, an Agribusiness Company, farming with innovative and technology. Currently we have Pineapple farm estate at Ago Iwoye behind Olabisi Onabanjo University. When you buy a plot(s), acre(s) or hectare(s) of Pineapple farm land, the portion you paid for belongs to you forever. Davidorlah only manages your Pineapple farm property for a period of 5/10 years.

The farm management agreement can be renewed or you take over your farm to manage it by yourself.

You get an annual rent on your pineapple farm property.

You get 36% of your total purchase per annum.

Yes you can after the expiration of our management agreement

At the prevailing market price as at when you want to sell, because pineapple farm property appreciates in value

1. Deeds of assignment (cost #50,000) 2. Registered copy of perimeter survey (#200,000. Per plot) 3. Farm management agreement For further enquiries, please contact us on +2348116464307

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